AMC 1600 HP Green Rig

The AMC Green Rig offers the latest in rig design for the drilling industry while keeping both the environment and operating costs in mind. The Green Rig is designed to hydraulically skid between wells to limit rig down and rig-up time.



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Height: 136’
Base: 13’ x 9'
Hookload: 750,000 lb.

Hoist Capacity: 828,000 lb.
Drilling Line DIA: 1-3/8”

Floor Height: 25’
Height with Skidding: 26'
Casing Load: 750,000 lb.
Setback Load: 500,000 lb.
Wind Load (Bare): 100mph
Wind Load (with setback): 73mph

Mud System
Shakers: 2 total
Centrifugal Pumps: 4 total
Active Mud System: 1,053 BBL
Optional Reserve Mud System: 500 BBL

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