Applied Machinery Corporation offers a new alternative to the drilling industry by utilizing the latest technology for a fraction of the cost. AMC AC Drawworks are built to API 7K and are industry proven for safe, reliable and cost effective operations. With wide operating speed range, electronic braking, precise speed, torque and position control, AMC AC Drawworks will meet you drilling needs.

  • Smaller, self contained footprint
  • Less maintenance than conventional drawworks due to smaller size and fewer parts.
  • AC motor braking provides efficient and cost effective operation.
  • Self contained oil cooling system for transmission and drum shaft bearing assembly.
  • Industry proven, single speed gear drive for quiet and reliable operation. Two speed transmission is available as an option.
  • Primary braking by AC motor regeneration eliminates power waste and also reduces the amount of heat created in the resistors.
  • Air/mechanical braking for parking or emergency stop.
  • Air brakes are normally active after primary AC motor braking has stopped or slowed the drum.
  • Load control achieved without conventional brakes, while maximizing safety.


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