Applied Machinery Corporation has a unique capability for fabrication geared toward the drilling industry. AMC can fabricate to customer supplied drawings or to our own high standard designs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled welders can handle all of your fabrication needs.

Masts and Substructures
AMC manufactures masts and substructures in all sizes. Our facilities have the capability to build multiple masts and substructures at once, with pads for rig-up and assembly.

Mud Systems
AMC builds 1000 BBL to 3000 BBL mud systems at several of our fabrication locations. We are capable of fabricating any design of mud system, while maintaining a quick turnaround delivery time.

Mud Gas Separators
We manufacture mud gas separators with or without skids, capable of folding over onto the skid. Our standard 10' x 40' oilfield type skid has loading hitches for tailboarding and provisions for mounting the choke manifold.

Pipe Racks, Pipe Bins and Catwalks
We can build pipe racks at 18", 42" or any desired height. Our pipe bins are long enough to hold a joint of drill pipe, big enough to carry 40,000 lbs. and can be stacked as needed. AMC also builds fully customized catwalks.

Change/Parts Houses and Doghouses
When you need a house with more than one function, our change and part houses will exceed your expectations. AMC also manufactures doghouses in different sizes and configurations.

AMC can build both rectangular and round water tanks for any capacity. We also offer fuel tanks in the capacity of 285 BBL, 350 BBL and 500 BBL, however, we can build any size tank according to your specifications.

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